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Beater Bum Bird Creatures
In addition to having a cute bouffant bum, his head moves up and down.
Nash Nippers Creatures
Hub cap and attitude
Cow Bird Creatures
Made from a cow watering basin, these birds stand tall and graceful. Can be planted with flowers, or left filled with water.
Spring Backed Bird Creatures
The body of this bird is formed from a spring harrow. We have a variety of these with different attitudes.
Brow Birds Creatures
Heavy brows accent this graceful bird. Several different body type sport graceful tail feathers.
Buggy Birds Creatures
Made from the steps of antique buggies. Several are available.
Elephant Head Wall Hanging Creatures
The trunk is a cast iron stove leg, and the ears are fan blades. Will wonders never cease? Could be on your trophy wall.
Elephants Creatures
The elegantly designed cast iron wood stove legs weigh nothing compared to the total weight. These are heavy, dude. Check out the tails.
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