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Doggie Dog Sold
Very cute, its nose moves.
Perched Roosters Sold
Proud Cocks, you would be too if your body were made from a well drilling bit.
Ethyl Sold
Her body was a former guillotine to remove horns off bulls, I think. Her 'do' is an ethyl chloride line. She's harmless, really
Ring Toss Sold
Looks great in the snow
Little Miss Meat Grinder Sold
Sweet isn't she?
Grasshopper Sold
The body is made from one half of an asbestos shingle cutter, gossamer wings of stainless steel screen, old irons for a head adding up to a beautifully proportioned hopper, he's even smiling at you. Try and make another one of these...
Fawn Maiden Sold
Stepping in from another world, not sure about staying...
The Ubangi Bros. Sold
A serious pair with insulator torsos and articulated arms, elegant
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